Bad Seed
Director(s): Guilherme Daniel
Writer(s): Guilherme Daniel

Category: Short Film
Genre: Horror
Country: Portugal
Language: Portuguese
Status: Completed

Cast: Daniel Viana and Isabel Costa

Production Company: Suspício Filmes (Guilherme Daniel and Raquel Santos)

Co-Production: Bro-Cinema (Mário Patrocínio and Luís Campos)

Festivals: HP Lovecraft Film Festival 2020 (USA); Festival Internazionale del Cinema Patologico 2020 (Italy); ; Trash Film Festival 2020 (Croatia); 48th Edition of CURTAS, Imaginary Film Festival of Vilagarcia de Arousa 2020 (Spain); Knoxville Horror Film Fest 2020 (USA); Planos Film Fest 2020; Shortcutz Ovar 2020; Lit Scares International Film Festival 2020 (UK); Curtas Festival do Imaxinario 2020 (Spain); Utopia UK Portuguese Filmville 2020 (UK); MotelX 2019; Brooklyn Horror Film Festival 2019; Caminhos do Cinema Português 2019; Phenomena Fest 2019 (Brazil); Sitges International Film Fest, Meliés D’Or (ES); Copper Coast International Film Festival (UK); Festival Internacional de Cine La Picasa (Argentina); VideoScreen International Film Festival 2020; International Competition; Silver
Lynx FEST - New Directors; New Films 2020; Best Film from Leiria - Leiria Film Fest 2020; Janara Horror Fest 2020 (Italy); NOX FILM FEST Salto International Horror and Fantasy Film Fest 2021 (Uruguay); Macacu Cine Film Fest 2021 (Brazil); Official Selection at Caligari International Horror Film Festival.

Awards: Honorable Mention, ABRUZZO HORROR FILM FESTIVAL’, L’Aquila 2020 (Italy); Honorable Mention, The Dark Hedges International Horror Film Festival 2020 (Northern Ireland); 3rd Prize Indie Suspense Horror Sci-Fi Film Festival 2020 (Florida, USA); Best Cinematography & Best Cast Awards Ymotion 2020; Best Film, National Competition - FEST New Directors, New Films 2020; Winner MotelX 2019, Best Portuguese Horror Short Film, Portugal; Best Horror Short & Best Cinematography Genre Celebration, Tokyo (Japan); National Grand Prix BEST PORTUGUESE SHORT FILM at FEST__ 20'; Best Short Film - Madeira Fantastic Fest 2021; Best Actriz Caligari International Horror Film Festival; Best Director  Caligari International Horror Film Festival.
A couple cultivates seemingly infertile ground. One day, they find a dark seed on earth that will grow and become a strange influence on their behavior.