Drags Anonymaz
Writer(s): Mário Patrocínio / Sebastião Salgado / Roger Mor / Danilo Godoy

Original Idea: Danilo Godoy

Category: TV Series
Genre: Drama and Thriller
Duration: 8 episodes / 50 min each

Festivals: Oficial Selection Rio Content Market (2018)
The best DRAG night has an address: The Ravenous where men and women dress up as pop divas, followed by performances on stage. The show is set, but behind the scenes the story is different. The sudden disappearance of the prodigy young drag Leandro (aka Lala Di) reveals the personal dramas of his mentor Gonçalo (aka Lady Fadysta), and his family’s in the incessant search for his whereabouts. A journey of discoveries of identities in which masks will fall and reveal that not everything in this universe is brilliant.