Writer's room
The Writer's Room was created to foster ideas and content in which the company believes as a way to generate powerful narratives, creating a permanent legacy and promoting critical thinking in society. This content center conceives of and creates original scripts for feature films, TV/VOD services, and documentaries, providing complete start-to-finish solutions for its projects and collaborators, including creating concepts, conducting research, screenplay writing and identifying visual elements.

The customized teams of multidisciplinary individuals are made up to fit the nature of each specific project. Authors, screenwriters, researchers, trend professionals, and political scientists are some of the specialists that have contributed to BRO's original projects. The modular nature of this department and the creation of in-house content permit both global partnerships as well as the hosting of collaborators from all around the world for immersive experiences, encouraging the exchange of cultures and ideas.

The Writer's Room has developed various projects of original intellectual property that have been praised for their sensibility, daring, and refinement.