Time has stopped for a family living on the shores of the Black Sea. The son died tragically in the sea, and for this reason, family members lost communication between them. In each of them, the need for closure awakens to express itself. The father passes into the sea, and after the death of the child the sea remains an integral part of it, the mother develops a sense of fear and, after the death of the child she thinks it is possible to repeat tragedy, only the girl is the one who realizes that life is adequate. As a result, she burns the boat in the hope that the yarn of the whole family will be tarnished along with the boat. Parents begin the long process of waking up from a deep sleep.
Director(s): Tinatin Emiridze and Khvicha Emiridze
Writer(s): Tinatin Emiridze and Khvicha Emiridze
Release Date: 2019
Category: Short Fiction
Genre: Drama
Country: Georgia / Portugal
Language: Portuguese
Status: Completed
Cast: Niko Tavadze, Nato Murvanidze, Anastasia Chanturaia and Gena Beridze
Producers: Mário Patrocínio; Luis Campos; Ana Paula Catarino
Awards: Best Cinematography - Golden Branch 2023;
Best Actress Golden - Branch 2023.

Festivals: In The Palace Short Film Festival, 2022 (Bulgaria);
Tbilisi International Film Festival, 2021 (Georgia).


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