From 3 years of research around Brazil, HÍBRIDOS, THE SPIRITS OF BRAZIL dives into the sacred culture of the largest country in South America through a very poetic and sensorial approach. As an exploration of trance-cinema, the film breaks down the distance between the viewer and the subject, guiding them through a realm of movements, of non-stop dances, of music pulsating at high rhythms, creating in its core a new perspective about what might be the invisible and how do we deal with it in a creative way. An ethnographic journey into the world of sacred ceremonies and their diversity, as well as a trip into cinema as a pure poetic language. Without any voices paving the way, only the sounds of the rituals and the chants of the devotees, Híbridos is a music film of a new kind.
Director(s): Priscila Telmon & Vicent Moon
Release Date: 2017
Category: Feature Documentary
Genre: Drama
Country: Brazil
Language: Portuguese
Status: Completed
Associated Producers: Julio Hey & Mário Patrocínio BRO CINEMA.
Nadine May & Tom Michelbelger, Michelberger.
MoMA Doc Fortnight, New York, 2018;
Big Ears, Knoxville, 2018 (USA);
Ambulante, 2018 (Mexico);
Festival Nouveau Cinema (Canada);
Unsound (Poland);
Barbican, London (UK);
Day for Night, Houston (USA);
Fes Sacred Music Festival (Morocco);
Pachamama (Brazil);
Inedit (Chile);
Censurados (Peru);
Ezera Skanas (Latvia);
Mekudeshet (Jerusalem);
Milano Film Festival (Italy);
Opus I (USA);
Imagine Science (USA);
Meca Festival (Brazil);
Yogyakarta Biennal (Indonesia);
Muff Festival (Uruguay);
Mash Festival (Italy);
See you Sound (Italy);
Glasgow Film Festival (Scotland);
EICTV (Cuba);
Heliodora Festival (Brazil);
Musee D’Ethnographie de Geneve (Switzerland);
41º Mostra de São Paulo, 2017 (Brazil);
Mimo, 2017 (Brazil);
Dokufest, Kosovo, 2017;
CPH:DOX, 2017 (Denmark);
IDFA, 2017 (Holland).


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