This film is an excuse, a cure. The director returns to his parent's house and asks them to play a game where they become movie stars. This acting game will serve as a pretext to talk about the cancer that both his mother and father overcame and the fear of loss. 
Director(s): Miguel López Beraza
Writer(s): Miguel López Beraza
Release Date: 2022
Category: Short Documentary
Genre: Documentary
Country: Spain / Portugal
Language: Spanish / Portuguese
Status: Completed
Production Company: Ringo Media, Bro Cinema, Matiné, Makers Studio
Cast: Jesús López, Elvira Beraza
Festivals: Vancouver International Film Festival, 2022 (Canada);
Warsaw Film Festival, 2022 (Poland);
Seminci Valladolid, 2022 (Spain);
L’Alternativa Barcelona Independent Film Festival, 2022 (Spain)


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