Yulya is a film that, without having any dialogues, develops itself as an exploratory and sensorial movement which follows the emotional journey of Yulya, a fragile and precious young woman.
Director(s): André Marques
Writer(s): André Marques
Release Date: 2015
Category: Short Fiction
Genre: Drama
Country: Portugal
Language: Portuguese
Status: Completed
Cast: Joana de Verona, Miguel Borges, Damian Oancea
Festivals: Festafilm – Festival du cinéma lusophone et francophone;
Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival (Portugal);
Leeds International Film Festival (UK);
Gijón International Film Festival (Spain);
Mecal International Short Film and Animation Festival (Spain);
Art Film Festival (Slovakia);
Festival Caminhos do Cinema Português (Portugal);
Festival de Cinema Luso-Brasileiro de Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal);
Festival Ibérico de Cinema de Badajoz (Spain);
Wiz-Art Lviv International Short Film Festival (Ukraine);
San Giò Verona Video Festival (Italy);
Tryon International Film Festival (USA);
FicBueu Film Festival (Spain);
Tangier Mediterranean Short Film Festival (Morocco);
In The Palace Int. Short Film Festival (Bulgária);
Istanbul International Short Film Festival (Turkey);
Lecce International Film Festival (Italy);
Cap Spartel Film Festival (Morocco);
Inquietudo Film Festival (Austria);
Portuguese Cinematheque (Portugal);
Portuguese Cinema Week in S. Petersburg & Moscow (Russia);
Frames Portuguese Film Festival (Sweden);
Ymotion Festival (Portugal);
Fundação Gulbenkian (Portugal).
Awards: 2º Prize for Best Short Film (Festafilm - Festival du Cinéma Lusophone et Francophone).


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